The REN'AI RENSAI (Serial of Love) series is an ongoing look into one lesbian relationship over the span of decades, told in non-chronological order in novel, novella, novelette and short story formats.

Reina and Aiko are not your ordinary lesbian couple. For twenty years they've dealt with pissed off parents, angry exes, hush-hush work realms and a plethora of lovers banging down their bedroom door for some of their action. They have a reputation throughout the local scene for being ridiculous flirts...and the type of couple everyone wishes they could be a part of.

But their relationship is not all sunshine, although it may have a lot of rainbows. Aiko and Reina are polar opposites: Aiko is feminine, optimistic, dedicated to her home, and just wants to know that she is all that matters in her girlfriend's world - Reina is masculine, cynical, aimless, and...well, she is definitely not into that romance crap.

REN'AI RENSAI chronicles their lives and their relationship, from their first meeting in the backstage of a theater, to the day they move in together, to the passing years in which stress and society begin to wear them down. However, two things always remain certain: somehow they'll get through it together, and it will include a lot of passion.


The characters Reina and Aiko were created sometime in late 2010, early 2011ish. Other characters, such as Michiko and Yuri, were created long before then for another series. But the core couple began as minor characters for my urban fantasy series CROSS//. During 2012, I decided "screw it, I'm writing lesbians" and focused on a very small plot idea I had about Reina and Aiko. (Basically, the former's inability to tell the latter that she loved her.) Three months later, "DAISUKI" was born.


From the moment I created these characters, I knew they would be quite sexual. I've also always loved writing lesbian romance almost more than anything else, and hey, if I get to include a bunch of fun sexy times in it, then why not? That said, it should be obvious by this point that REN'AI RENSAI is intended for mature audiences. While it is a romance first and foremost, there are enough graphic scenes in it for them to relate to the plot and to consider the whole series erotic. Depending on the point of view and the time period, there may be a lot of crude language used in those scenes.


There are two ways REN'AI RENSAI may be read: publishing order, or chronological order. Most people read in publishing order, but it can be read chronologically too - or as an idea for a re-read.

Publishing Order:

  4. "ROUMAN."
  5. "NANPAKAI."
  6. "CHINSEKI."
7. "SEIKOU."
  10. "TOKOIRI."
11. "KOIBUMI."
  12. "JIHAKU."
  13. "UMIIRO."
14. "DAITE." (Spin-Off)
  15. "YARIKON."
  16. "FURIN."
17. "AITAI." (Spin-Off)
18. "USOTSUKI." (Spin-Off)
19. "NIGOU." (Spin-Off)
20. "JOSHOKU."

Chronological Order:

  5. "UMIIRO."
6.  "DAISUKI."
  7. "NANPAKAI."
  8. "CHINSEKI."
  9. "ROUMAN."
  10. "TOKOIRI."
11. "SEIKOU."
  12. "SHIMONETA."
  13. "JIHAKU."
14. "KOIBUMI."
  15. "YARIKON."
  16. "FURIN."
17. "NIGOU." (Spin-Off)

XX. "DAITE." (Spin-Off)
XX. "AITAI." (Spin-Off)
XX. "USOTSUKI." (Spin-Off)


Beginning in July, 2013, REN'AI RENSAI will branch off into two spinoffs set in the same universe and sometimes overlapping the same stories.

JIAI JOUWA (慈愛情話 ):   Follows Jun in her quest for love, while maintaining her busy work life and dealing with her own set of gender issues: namely the fact that her uncle won't name her the heir of the company, even though it's hers by birthright. Two novels planned for September and December, 2013.

REN'AI RENSAI: GAIDEN  (外伝): Take a look at other stories about other couples in the REN'AI RENSAI universe. 

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