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"CHINSEKI." (Ren'Ai Rensai Shorts)



Translation: "Sleep Together."
Japanese Title: 枕籍。」
Published: January 18th, 2013
Price: $2.99
Era: Present
Time Period: September, 2012
Editor: Lindsay York
Cover Photo: Halay Alex
Paperback: Not Available


After watching her girlfriend seduce a stranger at a nightclub, Reina finds herself in the same stranger's hotel room only an hour later. Girlfriend Aiko and her new friend seem ready to go for round two, but there's one thing holding Reina back: this third wheel is more masculine than she's comfortable with. Will Reina let go of her gendered insecurities and have a good time, or will her new friend's request for "chinseki," or "sleeping together," be too much for her to handle?


“Do you want to fuck me, Reina-san?

Lesser women would have balked at the bluntness, but not Reina. No. Not really. Jun wasn’t her type, even if her type generally was “female and breathing.” Granted the choice without risk of offense, Reina would gladly go home with her girlfriend and make love to her alone. But somewhere back in the club she had decided to join Jun for the night. Yes. She was female and breathing, after all.

“I suppose that depends on whether or not you want to fuck me.”
The slowest leer rose across Jun’s countenance. “Does a woman being sexually interested in you turn you on?”

“Doesn’t it to everyone?”

 “Hmm.” Jun brushed her fingertips across her mouth. “Knowing that another woman finds you  attractive… and wants to be with you, inside you, is arousing indeed.”

"Inside” huh? Like that was happening. Not even Aiko got to do that with Reina anymore.

“Still, you haven’t answered my question.”

Reina turned her head in the guise of ignoring her. “That depends on many factors.”

The chair hopped closer to Reina’s, like a fat rabbit crawling to a delicious carrot. “Suppose I told you something I told your girlfriend earlier, when we were otherwise engaged.” Jun’s voice remained low, level. Her breath eased near Reina’s ear. 

 “And what’s that?”

“If a strong woman wants to do all the work, far be it from me to stop her.”

 Reina shifted in her seat, trying to get away from Jun, and trying to get closer. She’s attempting to seduce me, and yet is offering me control? That was a catch: Jun could say she was a reba all she wanted, but in the throes of passion her old inclinations may do as they pleased. 

“Do you like submitting, Jun­-san?

“Well, I so rarely get to do it. And you seem like the sort of woman who loves to give.”

“Then I suppose you’re insinuating that you want me to fuck you.”

Snorting, Jun lost the edge of her soothing voice and reverted to the casual woman who talked about old woodblock printings and the hotel industry. “Tell me, when you’re seducing a woman, are you always so subversive?”

Who says I was seducing you? “When I’m seducing a woman, I make it pretty clear that I want to fuck.”

 “So, if you wanted to have sex with somebody like me, you would come up and say…?”

Reina saw the bait and debated whether or not to take it. It turned out to be an easy decision. “Do you want to fuck?”

Jun leaned her elbow on Reina’s chair, chin in hand. “And what if I said yes?”’

“Then I would fuck you.”


“Good, hard, fast, however you want it.”

 “And what if I wanted it just like you would give your girlfriend?”

Words left Reina’s head. Sex with Aiko ran the gamut of slow and sensual, full of love and trust, to wild and needy, full of hormones and energy. “I would say you are not my girlfriend, but I would try my best.”

“Is your best any good?”

“My best is the best.”


Jun slid her hand down the side of Reina’s chair, fingers touching the outline of her denim jeans. Don’t get too close. The last thing Reina needed was a dyke making a grab for her crotch. Sensing her unease, however, Jun’s hand diverted to Reina’s torso and clasped the soft cotton fabric there. 

“Do you kiss as well as your girlfriend, Reina-san?

“Who do you think taught her how to kiss?”

 “I’d like to find out.”

She didn’t appear so, but Jun had graceful, feminine moves, like a cat bounding from one level to the next. Her right leg swung over Reina’s lap; her knees clasped snugly into the folds of the seat cushion. Reina held her breath: if she inhaled she would smell the brunt of Jun’s cologne. Instead she smelled Jun’s breath, layered in champagne and sweet tobacco. 

“Is it too much?” The sleeves of her dark brown blazer fell from her shoulders, as smoothly as a snake shedding its skin. Bare arms revealed themselves beneath the short sleeves of a silk black shirt, top button undone and collar popped around her jaw. 

“Too much? You’ve barely touched me.” Reina didn’t mention her rising claustrophobia from having a woman on top of her. A gorgeous woman. The more she acknowledged Jun’s rising feminine airs, the more bothered Reina became. “I’m more worried about you. You already had a lot of fun back in the club. How do I know you won’t crap out on me halfway through the deed?”

Hands ascended the length of Reina’s body and caressed her chest. “Don’t worry about me. I know my limits.”

 “Are you pushing them?”

 Hips undulated with the strength of a wave. “Hardly. I’ve been ready to go again since you kissed me.”

 "That wasn’t a kiss.” Reina laid her arms around Jun’s waist. 

“Then what is?”

“I don’t think you could handle it.”



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