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"SHIMONETA." (Ren'Aii Rensai Shorts)



Translation: "Dirty  Talk."
Japanese Title: 下ネタ。」
Published: March 8th, 2013
Price: $2.99
Era: Present
Time Period: May, 2013
Editor: Lindsay York
Cover Photo: Iuliia Rozvadovska
Paperback: Not Available


Roped into teaching a "Lesbian Talk" seminar for the local lesbian populace, Reina is convinced it's going to bomb - even though she is the most talented, experienced, and sexiest woman possible to do the job. Just as she's getting used to the idea, however, her worst nightmare arrives: her wife, Aiko, coming to taunt her with everything she keeps beneath her clothing. Will Reina's seminar head south as she cracks under the sexual pressure, or will this master of "shimoneta," or "dirty talk," end up giving the greatest demonstration of her short career? Whatever happens, Aiko volunteers to help.


        “But how do you meet these people once you’re in the same room together?” Kotoha tugged on one of her pigtails. “Because I never have any idea what to say.”
  Reina shrugged. “Depends on your personality and the context. In our situation, your biggest bets meeting people by chance are gay bars and meetings.” That’s how Reina met over half of her 450 sex partners. “And in gay bars, women are looking for companionship, right?” Right. Of course. And it seemed most of the girls agreed from the way they slowly nodded and turned away, embarrassed. “In that case, it helps to be forward. Assuming it fits your personality.” Reina was the queen of forwardness. She could go into any lesbian bar and convince almost any woman to have sex with her.
“Even somebody like me?” Kotoha pointed to her feminine pigtails.
“Why not? We butches can’t do all the work, you know.”
That elicited a few more chuckles than usual. Reina got an idea and took a step forward.
“Here. I’ll show you how to flirt.”
Before anyone could object, Reina walked over to turn off the lights and leave everyone in darkness, save for when she turned on one low light above her audience. As dark as a bar. All that was missing was the thumping of music too loud to hear people over. Or as Reina liked to think about it, loud enough for her to covertly flirt beneath.
She slinked through the rows and sat in an empty desk next to Kotoha, who registered her presence with a small start. The others either turned or leaned forward to watch the Master of Seduction in action.
“Did you come here all alone?” Reina asked in her soft, easy voice. “Or is somebody not paying attention to you?” She painted a gentle smile on her face – fake in her own mind, but one she had practiced over decades to come out looking genuine. She maintained a respectful distance from Kotoha. Experience taught her young femmes didn’t like being crowded so early in flirtations. Older femmes and butches of all ages though…
Kotoha shuffled in her seat. For someone thrust into the spotlight in the middle of an awkward lesson, Reina commended her for not running away. “I came here alone,” she said in a whisper. The edges of her mouth pulled into a giddy smile.
Reina scooted her chair closer. “You look like you could use some company.”
Kotoha covered her mouth.
From there on Reina resorted to her foolproof methods, from inquiring about Kotoha’s life to offering her free drinks and cigarettes – both of which she declined. Kotoha gradually came out of her shell, the grin on her countenance bigger than the ego Reina stroked with her subtle compliments and sly suggestions. As the minutes wore on, Kotoha’s cheeks became pinker and her body shifted in the arrival of sexual arousal. Reina wrapped her arm around the back of Kotoha’s chair, leaned forward, and whispered into her ear, “Do you understand why what I’m doing works?”



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