Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"YARIKON." (Ren'Ai Rensai Shorts)



Translation: "Hook-Up Party."
Japanese Title: ヤリコン。」
Published: October 18th, 2013
Price: $2.99
Era: Present
Time Period: October 12th, 2013
Editor: Johnathon Venable
Cover Photo: Artem Merzlenko
Paperback: Not Available


It’s been over a year since Reina and Aiko last attended a “yarikon,” or a key party hosted by their friends. Reina especially has looked forward to this evening, as it gives her the chance to meet new women for some extra-marital fun. However, fate finds ways to ruin her night by pairing her with one of the only women she swore she would never think of in that way! It’s Reina’s conscience versus her fantasies, and as her wife Aiko knows, that always leads to a night to remember!

               The basket appeared in Haruka’s lap. “Select you and your girlfriend’s fate, Haruka-san.
            No tomboy had ever looked so innocent, so woefully childlike in that instant. Haruka stared into the basket as if she were reading bones from an oracle. Briefly she looked up and gaped right at Reina. Do you remember? Seven months since they did it in a love hotel, when Haruka was intermittently single and Reina was on a bad decision-making spree. That was water under the red wooden bridges now, but… oh, Haruka remembered. Those round cheeks and full lips remembered what it was like to be pinned beneath Reina. Well, I would do her again. But that was before she knew Haruka dated Kaori, the one woman Reina had no desire to touch.
            Ara, she’s nervous!”
            Laughter sprung up around the circle at Haruka’s expense. The tomboy took it in stride – somewhat. She was too busy turning sheet white to notice anyone laughing at her.
            Finally, she stuck her hand in the basket, closed her eyes, and pushed the keys around in a jingle-jangle of metal. The other women sipped their wine in anticipation, each pair of eyes calculating what it would be like to bed Haruka or her girlfriend. Aiko squeezed Reina’s hand harder than ever. “There’s only a twenty percent chance,” she reminded her spouse. No shit. Reina was the math whiz between them. She didn’t need Aiko to tell her that.
            The moment a key popped into Haruka’s hand, Reina knew she had wasted 5,000 yen to be there that night and do nothing with no one. She clenched her wine glass and ignored Kaori’s gasp of petulant horror.
            Ho! She drew Reina-san and Aiko-san’s key!” Mayumi slapped her hand over her mouth and hooted into her palm.
            More laughter filtered into the air, but Reina didn’t think wasting so much money was a joke. There goes our kinky night out. The idea of sleeping with either Haruka or Kaori was… no, there was no word for it. Although she enjoyed her fling with Haruka back in March, there was too much drama to go with it. Never mind the fact Kaori was still in coworker territory. People joked that Reina could see any woman sexually, but Kaori was different. Yes, she was pretty. Yes, she was nice. But she still represented one of the few lines Reina never allowed herself to cross in her fulfilling sex life. Screwing either of them would be more awkward than it’s worth. 5,000 yen down the proverbial drain.
            She caught Ami’s eye and received a “Maybe next time?” shrug.
            Ano, Mayumi-san…” Kaori leaned forward and cocked her head so she met the gaze of her work supervisor. “Would it be impossible for us to…?”
            “No re-draws.” Mayumi snatched the basket from Haruka’s lap and pulled out that couple’s key. “That’s the rule!”
            Stupid rule. Mayumi probably did this on purpose. Reina shoved her elbow onto the sofa arm and pushed her hand into her hair. Nails grazed her scalp as she stewed in her resentment.
            With only four couples left the next drawing sealed the room’s fate. Ami pulled out Mayumi’s key, to the sounds of remaining laughter, whistles, and Reina grinding her teeth. Honestly, she would have taken Mayumi over the pair of silent kids sitting on the other side of the circle. Mayumi had no strings attached to her in the bedroom.
            The next phase of the evening began with breaking up into three groups based on who was paired with whom. Ami left Reina’s side to join Mayumi’s girlfriend, while Mayumi went to fill up the snack bowl. Reina leaped up and cornered her hostess in the kitchen. It would not be the first time she confronted her about the issue of Haruka and Kaori’s presence at something that was supposed to be fun.
            “Don’t start with me.” Mayumi poured pretzels into the bowl. “I don’t know what you have against those kids. I thought you liked them young.”
            What is she implying? Just because Reina was forty she was supposed to cradle rob? Sure she and Aiko fooled around with women twenty years younger every great once in a while, but she would hardly say it was her inclination. She preferred women who were experienced enough these days. From what she knew about Kaori’s relationship, she was anything but.
            “You don’t have to do it with your ex-coworker, you know. You can sleep with the other one.” Cheese crackers joined the pretzels. If only Mayumi knew about Reina’s liaison with Haruka before, but that was a dirty secret. No one knew except the two women involved and Aiko. Not even Kaori knew, last Reina heard. “Or you could, ah!, not do it with anyone!” Mayumi picked up the snack bowl and returned to the group.
            Reina stomped back to the abandoned circle, where only Aiko and the young couple remained – respectfully apart. Haruka kept her eyes glued to the ground while Kaori blushed in Aiko’s direction. To her credit, Reina’s wife was a picture of patience. Yet the way she slumped her shoulders indicated she knew this night was over before it began. She was looking forward to this too. All Aiko talked about the night before was how long it had been since they last came to a key party, before rehashing stories of their previous encounters in this suite. Most of those were group affairs, but tonight was going to feature a clean divide in their mutual conquests.
            “I tried to clear this up,” she said to Aiko, loud enough for the other couple to hear. “She is adamant that it can’t be changed.”
            “Of course not. That would be too convenient.”




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