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"NIGOU." (Ren'Ai Rensai: Gaiden)

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Translation: "Nigou."
Japanese Title: 二号。」
Published: May 9th, 2014  
Price: $4.99
Era: Present
Time Period: May - September, 2014
Editor: Lindsay York
Cover Photo: Khorzhevska
Paperback: Currently Not Available


For two years Jun and Reina have had an agreeable arrangement: when it’s convenient, they’ll meet up and have a good time together. “Good time,” however, has changed over the past few months. Beaten with stress from her job and the dilemmas of her primary relationship, Jun has decided she wants Reina to be more than someone she meets for hours of passion between the sheets. To be more than a “nigou,” or the dirty mistress on the side.

Emotional commitment isn’t exactly something Reina can subscribe to. She’s used up her intimacy tokens with her wife Aiko, and now the idea of bringing another serious woman into her love life isn’t exactly her idea of fun! Not to mention Jun’s younger girlfriend Saya, who is less than keen on the idea of multiple partners, but willing to make it work.

As they tiptoe on the edge of polyamory, both Reina and Jun have to decide what they want from each other - and from their primary partners. What they discover is the give and take that can happen beyond the scope of a casual relationship. How two women can find the therapy missing from their lives in the arms of a nigou.


            “You still like men, huh?”
            “Please.” Jun drank the last of her wine as if it were water. “Men… they’re fine on a superficial level. I had some good times with them. Even had great sex once in a while. But I couldn’t love them, not like I love women. Women are…” She placed her fingers on her lips, and for the first time Reina realized a fine layer of gloss covered them. “I’ve never been able to put words to it, but I love women so much more. It doesn’t matter if they’re feminine or masculine. The connection I have with them – with you – reaches into the depths of our desires and our ability to know what feels good and how to accomplish it. Men got lucky with me. Women know me. Just like you know me so well, Reina-san.
            I know you all right. Jun was hilariously easy to figure out, once Reina spent more time with her. She led an uptight life in a man’s world, trying to constantly kiss ass and suck the cock of the patriarchy. Yet deep inside she was a submissive wench, and just because she was a lesbian didn’t mean she didn’t want a big and tough woman to plow the stress out of her. I can do that. Reina lived an uptight life in a man’s world as well, but her approach to dealing with it was completely different. She liked to blend in and fuck women like Jun. And like my wife. Although Jun was the one who needed it on an all but spiritual level.
            All those dirty thoughts made Reina bite the sleeve of Jun’s blouse and contemplate ripping it off her. Servers and asshole hosts be damned.
            Their dinner of fish and pasta was delectable, although Reina didn’t want to know how much it cost. I’ll let her deal with that. Having “the woman” pay didn’t threaten her masculinity. She was a poor sod and Jun was loaded. I’ll pay her back in my own way. Jun ordered another glass of wine and insisted Reina try it, but not before sampling dinner off her plate, though they ate the same dishes.
            “I’m glad we could do this tonight,” Jun said, curled up against Reina as she tickled her chin with her long fingers. Someone got a manicure recently. Still a raging lesbian. Her nails were buffed down to an inoffensive length. “It’s been such a trying week.” Was she insinuating she needed something in particular? “Work is kicking my ass and all this traveling… not to mention I had that TV thing this week. Also, my girlfriend and I had a fight the other night.”
            “Kawai sou.
            Jun laid her hand in Reina’s lap. “Do you often fight with your wife?”
            “Not really.” Disagreements, sure, but it had been a while since their last tears-in-the-eyes and doors-slamming fight.
            “Ii na.
            “When we do fight, though, we really make it count.” Their last one ended with Reina storming out of the house and going to her mother’s. A wild feat, considering she hadn’t been friendly with that woman since she was a child. “A small fight isn’t so bad.”
            “I guess so. I don’t like it when people are upset about something. I always feel like I have to do something about it. You know what I mean?”
            No. Reina’s solution was to ignore the whole situation and leave. “It happens.”
            “Nee, Reina-san…” Jun scooted closer, her chin resting on Reina’s shoulder. Someone wants me. That warm body rubbing against hers… how could she reject it? Had dinner digested yet? Clearly it was time to pack up and get out of there. “I really need you tonight.” The palms of Jun’s hands splayed across Reina’s chest, fingers clenching her blouse and tugging at her buttons. “I’ll do anything you want.”
            The implications of that made Reina need a cigarette. She pulled one out of her pocket and lit it using one hand. Jun caught Reina’s wrist and took the lighter from her. Black plastic flickered in the low light. “Anything, huh? That’s a dangerous thing to say.” Reina relaxed into the booth and blew out some smoke.
            “I trust you. I trust that I can say that and you know exactly what I mean. You like it too.”
            “Hmm.” True. Reina liked giving Jun what she wanted. While she flips it on me and makes it sound like it was my idea. Nobody could say Jun didn’t know how to play the game. “Maybe I want something a little unorthodox, even for us.” She gently tugged on Jun’s blouse, pulling the back of it out of her skirt.
            “Ooh, tell me. Spare no detail.”
            Reina nudged her nose into Jun’s ear, whispering, “I want to be a man tonight.”
            The beauty in her arm stiffened. “How so?”
            Cigarette now useless, Reina pounded it into an ashtray and used her newly free hand to stroke Jun beneath her chin. “I want to have straight sex with you. What is there to understand?”
            She thought Jun would protest, or at least express further confusion. But she merely contemplated her empty wine glass and curled her glossy lips into a smile. “I haven’t had a man in a long, long time.”
            “I’ll be the best one you’ve ever had. Worth the wait.”
            “I’m sure you are.” Jun purred at the caress she received. “Any particular reason you want to do it like that?”
            “Because you’re so feminine tonight.” Reina took her lover’s hand and curled it into her lap, letting Jun feel the phallus there. “Can’t you feel how hard I am?”
            “I certainly can.” Jun’s hand pushed into her lover’s lap, digging the base of the phallus into Reina’s groin.
            She beamed, ruthlessly. “I’ll really make you feel like a woman tonight. Do you want to submit to me?”
            Shivers as palpable as Jun’s heartbeat passed on to Reina. I’ve got her. It didn’t take much with Jun, but she was killing it. She’s all mine tonight. Flashes of what Reina would do to her, from ripping off these pretty clothes to making her scream in a high voice, played in her mind. “Yes,” was all Jun said.
            They skipped dessert.

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