Wednesday, January 30, 2030


Allow me to welcome you to the official REN'AI RENSAI website! Whether you're a long time fan or a new reader, I hope you enjoy all that there is to offer here. This is considered an interactive website, meaning your comments and suggestions towards the series are more than welcome. Happy browsing!

LAST UPDATED: December 20th, 2015

Site Map:
  • About - Learn about the REN'AI RENSAI lesbian erotic romance series, from its background to its themes.
  • Books - Enjoy pages dedicated to every release in the series - from general information, high quality images, excerpts, and of course buying links, we've got you covered!
  • Characters - Short summaries of the major and minor characters inhabiting the RR universe. 
  • Setting - Notes about Japan, from a general cultural overview to the nitty gritty of what Tokyo neighborhoods everyone is from.
  • Soundtracks - Recommended listening for reading.
  • Q&A - Questions answered by the author. Submissions welcomed.
  • Newsletter - Sign up for the monthly newsletter announcing the latest releases.
  • Match Maker - Find out who your RR soul mate is.
  • - Link to the author's general website. 
 I hope your enjoy this little piece of REN'AI RENSAI heaven. Without you, none of this would be possible!

-Hildred Billings

(PS: Don't forget that the short story "ROUMAN." is free in most territories!)

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