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"DAITE.", "AITAI." and "ZUTTO." (JIAI JOUWA Collections)

"DAITE.", "AITAI." and "ZUTTO."

Translation: "Hold Me.", "I Want To See You." and "Forever."
Published: September 22nd, 2015
Price: $9.99
Era: Present
Time Period: ---
Editor: Lindsay York
Paperback: Not Available

This collection features the entire trilogy for the first time ever!


Approximately 85,000 words

Born into an elite family, Jun has spent her life cultivating the professional qualities needed to claim her inheritance, the Nippon Royal Hotel empire. Just when she thinks her dream is about to come true, however, Jun's uncle ships her from her homeland of Hokkaido to the city of Nagoya to become the new local general manager.

Enter Saya, a twenty-something who invades Jun's life with a bang and leaves just as swiftly. It's the hope of seeing Saya again that keeps Jun grounded in her goal of taking over the family empire one day... and the more she encounters the enigmatic Saya, the more she realizes she's falling for her.

Under the scrutiny of her uncle, Jun must prove that she can become the head of the family. But she also must prove to herself that she is capable of sustaining a romantic relationship, even if her intended has an insatiable wanderlust. Her family's judgment, Saya's crippling demons, and the needs of the people she meets along the way will all conspire to make Jun say, "daite," or "hold me," never again.

"DAITE." takes place from February - August, 2013.
Approximately 88,000 words
Ten years ago Saya escaped a forced marriage in the house of Hara, granting herself the freedom to follow her will. And for ten years she has been content to live a life of near poverty and menial labor in exchange for being the master of her own destiny. That was until she met Jun, the hotel heiress who stole her heart and taught her what love and protection could feel like.

Now Saya finds herself torn between two worlds: her girlfriend's reality, comprised of formalities and endless wealth, and her own head, which pulls her to the isolation of the Japanese countryside. Jun wants her to settle in the city, yet Saya is not sure she can live with the pressures to conform to high society.

In the midst of this dilemma is the one thing Saya wants more than anything else - a divorce from the man who tried to ruin her life. But the leash connecting her to the Haras runs long, and Saya soon finds that her heart's call of "Aitai," or "I want to see you," not only echoes for Jun when they are apart, but for the people who forced her to become the woman she is today.

"AITAI." takes place from October, 2013 - May, 2014

Approximately 108,000 words

For two years Jun and Saya have slowly built a romantic relationship based on love and mutual respect. Although they come from vastly different backgrounds, their determination has helped them carve a home in Nagoya, the city in the heart of Japan.

They assumed it would last forever. Then Jun's uncle Akihiro drops a surprise on them: they're moving back to Sapporo, where Jun will finally assume the title of heir to her family's hospitality empire.

It's everything Jun has wanted since she began her career fifteen years ago. It's everything Saya has feared.

Now back in Sapporo, Jun must navigate the anxious waters that will lead her to becoming chairman one day. And Saya must learn to cope with her new glamorous lifestyle, all while fighting back the loneliness that haunts Japan's northernmost city.

Ex-lovers, new friends, and old drama all come together to put Jun and Saya through their biggest test yet. It's not enough for them to want to be together zutto, or forever. They must find the one thing that brings and keeps them together the most - a thing more precious than love itself.

"ZUTTO." takes place from January - June, 2015.

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